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Fuel Parts & Accessories

To order - Due to the large selection of parts we stock, please email airboat@giddygecko.com or call 0771 7241465 with your request or order.
Fuel plunger primer kit suitable for all engines squirts a small quantity of fuel into the carb making for easy starting Includes T piece and fuel line Made in USA by Dapco 07501 £29.05
Scepter Primer Bulbs Maximum Flow for Improved Engine Performance Moeller Primer Bulbs feature gasoline and solvent-resistant construction, stainless steel clamps, and dual internal check valves to ensure a more rapid prime while preventing fuel flow back. 742072 ¼ BORE £9.24 742070 ⅜ BORE £9.24
Fuel plunger primer Made in USA 07500 £21.29
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Tuff Jug with Ripper cap 10 litre Translucent Fuel jug with ripper cap. Pours 5 gallons in thirty eight seconds. Fluids stop flowing after reaching the end of the spout automatically. Just pull up and the valve shuts off the fluid flow. No vent to open and close or leak when pouring. Stop over filling and prevents spilling. C.A.R.B approved. 106788 £41.40
32 oz SEA DOG Accu-mix Oil to Petrol Measuring Bottle Accurately measures the correct oil to petrol mixture for all 2-stroke engines. Mixtures of 24:1, 33:1, 40:1, 50:1 and 100:1 ratios are shown on the see through bottle for accurate measuring in both litres and gallons. 700619 £7.85
Universal inline fuel filter for 1/4" flange Body diameter of 5/8'' and 2 1/8'' overall length There is a brass element filter for a better filtration Easy to clean with backflushing Made for high volume and low pressure inline 376385 £3.95