Airboat UK from North Devon in the UK are the only known producers of airboats in the UK and one of very few in Europe. Piers Coleman-Cooke who owns Airboat UK has over 20 years experience in aircraft engineering and hovercraft, having raced successfully in Formula 1. For those unfamiliar with airboats, (often confused with hovercraft), these are smooth, flat-bottomed boats propelled forward by a fan or propeller. They can operate in very shallow water and will even run on mud and wet grass at high speed. The first airboat was built in 1905 in Nova Scotia, Canada by a team led by Dr. Alexander Graham Bell most commonly known for inventing the telephone. Nowadays, airboats are mostly used in USA but are becoming more common- place world wide. Airboat UK currently produce 3 airboats: the 3.8 metre high performance Viper XTM, the slightly larger 4.1 metre 3 person Viper Explorer and the ultralight Raptor. Turnstone Airboats are manufactured from GRP/Carbon fibre/Diolene with a partly enclosed cockpit and a 1 metre ducted fan or caged propeller. All Turnstone airboats are highly manoeuvrable and capable of turning on the spot using a single or twin aerodynamic rudder. Airboat UK airboats are available with a variety of engines from 40hp to 200hp using lightweight engines including Rotax , Lycoming and Vanguard As well as supplying their own airboats, Turnstone are more than happy to convert your existing boat to an airboat. In 2020 they will also be adding a an ultralight the Rapter. If you are looking for something a little bit different and with the ability to operate in very little water, then an airboat is an excellent machine for fishing, hunting or just having the possibility to explore places that other boats can’t go.... then an airboat should be your choice. And finally...... to quote BBC Top Gear, “when it comes to excitement, cars are good, bikes are better - but the airboat is the king of the hill”.
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